Services to Enable Your Success

We are a strategic business and technology consulting firm, passionate about helping our customers transform how they grow their business.

IT Infrastructure Services: Take control of your IT strategy. Work with us to define opportunities for improved processing, collaboration, security and lowered costs.

  • Get products to market faster: Speed up application time to market with automatic application deployment, scaling, and upgrades.
  • Reduce Infrastructure Costs: Stop paying for expensive on-prem hardware; automatically scale cloud instances up and down as needed, and pay only for what you use.
  • Enhance Efficiency: Achieve greater resource utilization through automatic resource allocation.
  • Increase Performance & Reliability: Autoscaling and load balancing ensure application availability and performance.
Productivity & Collaboration: To compete in a digital economy, today’s leaders must give their teams the right skills and tools to succeed. Made for a mobile, global workforce, Our collaboration and productivity solutions, highly secure devices, and browser help teams stay connected, collaborate effectively, and spend more time doing work that matters.
  • Enable Collaboration & Innovation: Google’s industry-leading productivity and real-time collaboration tools break down organizational silos separating people, teams, and content, allowing ideas to flow freely.
  • Enhance Productivity: Smart business apps make it easy to find the right information at the right time, allowing employees to focus on their real work instead of menial tasks.
  • Simplify Security & Compliance: Our centralized console gives admins full visibility and enables them to more easily stay on top of tasks like provisioning new employees, updates, and security patches.
  • Become a Data Driven Organisation: The Explore feature in our collaboration tools empowers even non-technical employees to use data in everyday decisions.

Cloud Migrations: We’ve migrated over 1 million users to the cloud from legacy systems to leading cloud productivity suites and collaboration tools. We’re here to help you digitally transform your organization.

Change Management: Drive adoption with effective change management to boost your workforce’s collaboration and innovation – as well as your ROI.

  • Empower Employees: Transform the way teams work by empowering your employees to adopt new technologies with our expert training, change management, and user-adoption programs.
  • Maximize ROI: An investment in high-caliber change management and training yields effective performance that brings positive value to your organization and enables tangible business and financial returns.
  • Simplify Organisational Change: It can be difficult for end users to adopt new ideas and technology. Pi2 Square simplifies organizational change by helping to manage the end user’s migration experience through training and implementing change management best practices.
  • Adaptation: Encouraging employees to explore newly implemented technology beyond its most basic capabilities requires going beyond adoption to adaptation. The shift in organizational mindset that comes along with adaptation results in increased innovation, collaboration and productivity.

Managed Cloud Services: Need extra support? Our support team is here 24/7. We don’t rest easy, so you can. Focus on your business, knowing your cloud infrastructure is in good hands with Pi2 Square’s unrivaled IT Managed Services.

  • 24/7 Support: Reliable and skilled IT resources supporting your environment.
  • Optimized Performance: Improved system performance resulting in reduced business downtime.
  • Expertise: Access to multiple technology competencies and expertise in different areas of IT.
  • Cost Savings: Lowered operational costs and improved ROI.